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  • EUROSTAND Series

    The Behringer EUROSTAND Series Mic Stand Mounts, Music, Guitar and Bass, Loudspeaker and Keyboard Stands are designed to serve our Musician and Recording and Broadcast Customers.

    From: $2

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    Premium Passive Studio Controller

    List Price: $49

    #Behringer #STUDIOM #Passive #StudioController #MonitorController #VolumeController #MonitorSwitcher #HighQuality #BestValue

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  • Product Page: http://bit.ly/TCElectronic-MAGUSPRO

    Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W4KOG8Yuuk4

    Classic High Gain Distortion Pedal with Fat Mids, Treble Filter Control and 3 Clipping Modes

    List Price: $59

    #TCElectronic #MAGUSPRO #GuitarLove #GuitarGear #Pedals

    Music Tribe
  • Fintan McKiernan, CEO (South East Asia) of Ideal Systems and Music Tribe’s Customer Solution Leader, Pete Sadler today announced the entering of a strategic relationship. The focus of this Super Partner relationship is to deliver an obsessive Customer Experience with unique collaborative opportunities to carry all of Music Tribe’s 1000+ Enterprise products plus select Midas Retail Products, realize co-innovation of new products, co-marketing related to learning and education as well as a unique supply chain integration to ensure all products are always in stock and readily available.
    Enterprise refers to Music Tribe’s Professional Division, which serves the Install and Live & Touring Sound Customers through dedicated distributors, representatives, integrators and contractors, who all work in close partnership with Music Tribe’s Customer Solutions and Technical Support teams.
    Music Tribe is currently heavily investing in both its Install and Live & Tour Sound solutions, delivering leading-edge products from its Enterprise brands:
     - Midas (Install and Live & Tour Sound Products)
     - Lab Gruppen (Install and Live & Tour Sound Products)
     - Turbosound (Live & Tour Sound Products)
     - Tannoy (Install Sound Products)
     - Klark Teknik (Install Sound Products)
     - TC Electronic (Broadcast Products)
    Fintan McKiernan commented: “Ideal Systems are delighted to be granted Super Partner status by Music Tribe. This new level of engagement represents the success of our shared Vision and solid commitment to our customers and their experience. We are very excited to step up our cooperation with Music Tribe to deliver the best professional products in our solutions for our corporate and AV clients in APAC.”
    Pete Sadler commented: “We are very proud to have Ideal Systems S.E.A join our Super Partner family. Both companies are extremely passionate to serve our Enterprise Customers. This strategic relationship will now open the door for deep integration and collaboration – all for the benefit of the Customer we all love to serve.


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